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Player Information

Please see the GoogleGroup page to join in our discussion. GM and Player availability can be viewed here. The Roll20 interface for the gaming sessions can be found here. You will need a roll20 account to access it. It is set to show the revealed players map at the 5-mile hex resolution.

Into the Eastlands

Eastholm Mission Board

Main Setting Map (Location Maps will be listed on the individual location pages)

Upcoming Experiements

As this is a Hex-Crawl Sandbox game, I will be keeping much of the development to an on-demand system. I pregenerated the general setting using some random world building and history writing ideas lifted from my years of playing roguelikes - specifically Zangband and Dwarf Fortress.

I have run the initial world idea through three ~5000 year epochs, each ending in a cataclysmic event. The setting, for the start of the game, is several thousand years after the 'final' event.

Maps were created using Hexographer and with Campaign Cartographer 3. Hex map templates were created by Welsh Piper.